We’re excited to release the first installment in our blog series, Ask the Expert. The expert in residence here at EasyCare is Garrett Ford. As many of you know, Garrett Ford has been the President of EasyCare since 1993. He really is one of the most skilled and experienced people you could talk to when it comes to hoof boots and urethane shoes.


Q: What inspires you to continuously create new styles and designs of Easyboots and EasyShoes?

A: There is an Anthony Robbins quote that really resonates with me: ”Progress equals happiness.” Reaching a goal is satisfying, but only temporarily. Robbins continues, “There are levels of making it in life and whatever you think ‘making it’ is, when you get there, you’ll see there’s another level. That never ends, because if you stop growing, you’re going to be unhappy.”

In my opinion, the equine industry is way behind other industries, such as the cycling, skiing, and automotive industries. New bicycles are created to be lighter and stronger every year. New skis are made in new shapes and with new materials each season. Almost every type of vehicle manufacturer makes significant yearly  improvements to its new models.

The equine industry is interesting because we still accept shoes, saddles, and bits that have barely changed in the last one hundred years. Why does our industry settle for outdated ideas and technologies?

I believe we can continue to make yearly improvements in hoof boots and shoes. We should strive to come up with new ideas and make the most of new technologies as they become available.

EasyCare is committed to making the best possible hoof protection products. We want to promote the natural mechanism of the hoof, maximum shock absorption, and longer working lives of our equine partners. Progress keeps us excited and coming to work early. Progress makes it all worth the effort.


Now’s your chance to pick Garrett’s brain. What would you like to ask Garrett?

Please ask your questions in the comments below or submit your questions to ewolcott@easycareinc.com.


  1. The UK Farrier Registration Council could do with some progress & innovation. It seems more concerned with preventing horse owners from getting involved with their horses’s feet, & not one word about hoof expansion.

    • Yes, the more horse owners that get involved with taking care of their horses’ hooves, the better.

  2. Interesting—I had never thought of the equine industry in comparison to other sport industries. Good food for thought!

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