Congratulations, Jo! You won the photo contest this week!

Here’s what Jo shared with us:

I am the photographer (as well as a long-time avid user of EasyCare hoof boots), but the subject of the photo is my dear friend and trail riding buddy, Erin. Erin is an endurance and extreme backcountry rider from Colville, Washington, and the horse is her gelding, Oreo. The photo was taken in Tincup Canyon,  deep in the rocky and rugged Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness area in western Montana. As you can see, Oreo is wearing Easyboot Gloves on all four feet.

The Easyboot Gloves are one of our favorite styles due to the incredible traction they provide on the dangerously slick rock we regularly encounter on these extremely challenging trails.

We both use and love Gloves as well as good old Epics. We love Gloves for their slim profile and high-performance capabilities. We love Epics for our horses that may need a little more support from thicker pads during various times of the year. As I mentioned before, both boots provide the traction and support our horses need to safely traverse the narrow canyon trails in the Selway-Bitterroot.

Both Erin and I are anxious to try the new Glove 50 design!

Thanks for sharing with us, Jo! 

You, too, can enter to win a coupon for 20% off of your entire order on the EasyCare website just like Jo did! To be considered, please submit a photo of your horse(s) along with a brief description of the photo and why you love or would like to try EasyCare products. Please send photo submissions to: