Cinco, here, is sporting the sticker you’ll find in the bottom of every new Easyboot, “Please read instructions prior to use.” The Application Guide that comes with your new boot is a great start when it comes to learning about and successfully using your Easyboots.

You can find a lot more information and resources at On each product page, you’ll find these tabs under the blue button that says “Add to Cart.” You can see the product details, the sizing chart, helpful instructional videos, the application guide, and some frequently asked questions.

Also, if you have specific questions on step-by-step processes, such as replacing gaiters or applying hoof boot studs, simply use the search bar on the blog. With over 11 years of posts to search through, it’s very likely you’ll find at least one article with the answers and photos you’re looking for. And if not, please comment below requesting a post on a specific topic. We’re happy to provide all the answers we can!

And if you ever have more questions or need more instructions, please don’t hesitate to call our Product Specialist team at 800-447-8836.