The Easyboot Glove 50 is here and ready for outside testers.

The Easyboot Glove 50 is built on the Easyboot Glove shell, but replaces the fabric gaiter with a urethane heel sling covered in neoprene. The heel slings come in two different heights to properly fit more horses’ heels. The boot is easy to apply and remove. All parts are replaceable, and it has already been used successfully in several 50-mile endurance events.

We have finished a small run of Easyboot Glove 50 hoof boots and are looking for people to help us test them before release. Although our internal testing has been successful, EasyCare is looking for horse owners and dealers to help us test the first small run of boots. We would prefer people that are already familiar with the Easyboot Glove and have used the Glove Fit Kit in the past. It’s important for the shell to fit properly.

Easyboot Glove 50 explained.

There are two factors to consider in order to have success with the Easyboot Glove 50.

First is using a shell size that fits the hoof well. We recommend using the EasyCare Fit Kit to determine the correct shell size.

Second, the Easyboot Glove 50 will come in two different heel heights. The Easyboot Glove 50-A has a heel height that will fit heels that are 5mm or more above the back of the fit kit shell. The Easyboot Glove 50-B will fit heels that are 5mm or less above the back of the fit kit shell.

Would you like to help test the Easyboot Glove 50? Here is what we need from you:

  1. Apply to be a tester. Please fill out our Easyboot Glove 50 Test Program Questionnaire to apply. We are looking for people that have knowledge of the Easyboot Glove and have experience with the Easyboot Glove Fit Kit.
  2. In exchange for two test boots from EasyCare, testers agree to complete a follow-up survey after 30 days of use.

Unfortunately we can’t send boots to everyone who applies due to our very limited supply. We will select testers based on availability and applicants’ experience with the Easyboot Glove and Easyboot Glue-On Shell. Thank you for your interest and consideration.


  1. Will the boots be available for purchase before the end of the trials? I’m dying to try A pair and am more than happy to buy my own.
    Who will the major suppliers be?

    • The boots are testing well. However, there may be some small changes we need to make before the boots are released. We intend to give the boots plenty of time in the field so we can receive thorough reviews. We are hoping to launch a limited release of the boots by the end of the year if everything goes as planned. Thank you for your patience!

  2. My husband and I ride with the easy boot glove on fronts. Go bare in back if riding for just couple of days. When we camp and ride everyday for a week we also boot the back if it is extremely rocky. I like the look to the easyboot 50 and would love to try them. Looking forward to hearing who gets picked to test the boot.s

    • All applicants should be receiving an email letting them know whether or not they were chosen to receive a test pair of the Easyboot Glove 50s later this week.

      • I have not gotten an email to my request to try the new easyboot glove 50. Some of my friends received an email on Thursday that they had not been chosen. Hoping this is a good sign that maybe I am one of the people who will get to test the new boot. Thanks, Martie

  3. I do miles of trail riding & boots that I have tried come off & not just in mud.My farrier measured my horse for the Easyboot Glove 50 30 day trial.I have seen other horses with the old style of Easyboot & they really like them.My horse has a higher heel & possibly that’s the reason their coming off.The Easyboot Glove 50 has a boot for higher heeled horses.Hopefully they choose my horse & myself to try the Easyboot Glove 50 for the 30 day trial.

  4. I would love to have the opportunity to test boots my clients often ask me if I have used the boots and give me feed back . I have put several folks in the easy boot glove soft and this may be the boot that keeps them in the boot for ever. I use the back country and modified them to better suit my need. As always thanks for what you do

  5. I ride bouth my two horses for an distans 60 km each week. Only use easy glove. Havet size 0 + 00.5 Iceland horses and size 3 + 2.5 Irish cob. Live in Sweden and buy from Eva Rubin I would love test your new boots.

  6. I‘d love to test those boots! I used easyboot gloves for more than 10 years and now changed to Renegades, only because they‘re easier to clean and have no gaiters. I own a quarter horse gelding that wears a size #1 on all four feet. If there‘s a way to be a tester even if I‘m from Germany, please let me know. I‘m going on 2 to 3 hour trail rides several times a week.

  7. I am very interested in testing your new glove 50. I am a barefoot specialist in Northern Ontario and have been using the easy boot gloves for many years particularly in the winter with the ice studs and in the spring as we get a lot of snow and ice. I train barrel horses and do not have an indoor arena and keep them legged up riding outside all year long. The gloves are also working great for the spring mud season! I presently use the glove soft on all 3 of my competition horses to keep them in shape, although the gaiter can get some ice build up in the deep snow, I have never had rubbing issues and am curious if the glove 50 sling would be better for deep snow

  8. I am VERY interested in the idea of this boot! I am looking for a boot that I can use on my driving horse that is sometimes working on pavement! This way keeping her from wearing her feet to fast! Please keep me posted on the progress and release of this boot! I can pretty much say we will be interested in “B” boot in the fronts as she is higher in her heels… the back I will have to “size” A or B… as she may be close to either….

  9. I too would be interested in a nice looking boot that will fit my big round footed part draft. After a fresh trim her fronts are 6″ x 6″ and her backs, 5.5 x 6. (wide x long) So here’s another vote for bigger boots. Her last pair were Easyboot Trails, and dear Lord, were they you-gly on her. If only the Furies were 15 mm wider, then she would at least have pretty yet functional boots for a week,….

  10. Love the easy boot glove
    And would be keen to trial the boot
    I ride out in the Bush Wa 2 or 3 times per week out for at least 3 hour rides in all terrain

  11. I have used easy boots in the past but now have Clydesdales, my question to you is, are you going to release boots for the big guys in the near future?

    • We do not have current plans to add draft sizes. We have heard from others also expressing an interest in expanding our sizing options, though, so it could be a possibility in the future.

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