Easyboot Glove Changes for 2010

The 2010 season is here and our new catalog is complete. 

EasyCare had plans to release the Easyboot Glove in 2010 with both an improved gaiter and an installed power strap.  After a great deal of feedback from our dealers and customers we have decided not to include the power strap.  The majority of the feedback on the power strap was to keep it as an accessory and give people the option to install it if and when needed.  The feedback was that the Glove works perfect as it is and don't complicate it with the power strap.

It's great to have this type of discussion and feedback from our hoof boot customers.  I personally use the Gloves with power straps installed and believe the power straps help performance of the boots in tough conditions.  Although my personal opinion was to add the power strap based on my riding, the majority of our customers love the Glove just the way it is.  In the end it's about what you want!

new Easyboot Gaiter at Strawberry fields
The first big test for the new gaiter design and new gaiter pattern was at the Strawberry Fields endurance event in June of 2009.  The new gaiter performed perfect in the mud and slop and come home with back to back best condition awards.

Although we will not be adding the power strap the Easyboot Glove will get a new gaiter design.  The new gaiter design has been in testing since May of 2009 and has performed very well.  The months of testing have given us the miles and hours to make several small changes and improvements along the way. The new gaiter will come standard on all Easyboot Gloves starting in March.

rear view of the new Easyboot Glove gaiter
The biggest change is the double layer of neoprene and having the layers at the top float free.  You can also see the pattern change in this photo.

The new Glove gaiter has an improved pattern that hugs the contours of the lower leg.  The upper edge of the gaiter has two layers that flex and move with the horse.  We have also moved to a new high tech material thats as smooth as a baby's butt.  Internal reinforcements have been added for better fit and longer life. 

We plan to work the changes from the Easyboot Glove into the Easyboot Epic, Easyboot Bare and the Easyboot Edge as the year progresses. 

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