It is the winter season all over the country and we get many, many calls from horse owners who are still enjoying horseback riding despite the snowy, cold, icy weather.

Some owners that have their horse’s shoes pulled for the winter are finding out that they can still enjoy a crisp day’s ride by using protective horse boots. You may not ride as much in the winter, but you can certainly continue with the use of EasyCare boots on your now barefoot hoof.

When your fresh horse hoof trimming is done, that is the time to measure the hooves and contact us here at EasyCare so that we can assist you with the boot that will work best for your horse and you. We have many styles of EasyCare boots to choose from and we have ice studs also so that your riding will be safe and enjoyable by both you and your partner.

When using the studs in your boots and beautiful spring comes along……don’t throw those boots in the back of the tack room…….just get some hoof pads to insert in the boots after you remove the studs and you will still be able to continue to use the hoof boots. If you decide to return to shoes, you can use your boots as a spare when you lose one of those steel shoes. Then you will  not have to wait on your farrier, no riding interruption for you!

Go to our website for great info or call us at 800-447-8836 and we will assist you with your booting needs.

Happy Trails!!!!!!!

Posted by Nancy Fredrick