The only award more desired then 1st place at an endurance race is the coveted Best Condition award. The top 10 horses of each race are judged on their condition after a race. Respiration rate, heart rate, gait, and dehydration are all factors that go into picking which horse deserves this award.
Vicki and Lakota leave vet check 1
The Warner Springs race is known for being a very fast race. The horse that top 10 at this ride must be in tip top shape and these athletes usually finish in supurb condition.

In 6th place was very good friend of mine Vicki Saitta and her horse Lakota. Vicki took on this 5 year old wild mustang when she was just 14 years old. She broke this horse herself and rides Lakota in these races with just a rope halter. Lakota has never worn iron horse shoes and only uses the Easyboot Glove on especially rocky terrain.The little barefoot wonder!

Vicki is 18 years old now and does all her own natural hoof trimming. At endurance rides this pair is a force to be reckoned with and their bond is one of the strongest that I have ever seen.

They were awarded the Best Condition award for the 50 miler this past weekend at the Warner Springs Endurance ride. Lakota competed in this 50 mile race completely barefoot without the help of protective horse boots. Only their hard work and dedication could have gotten them this far!

Congratulations Vicki and Lakota!

Posted by Miriam Rezine