Old and new size 1 Easyboot Glove boots

Here’s the scenario: You and your horse have been “Rockin’ it” in size 1 Easyboot Gloves for a couple of years now. They fit like a second skin. You’ve maintained a left and a right, clean them after every use, and check the hardware before every ride. These boots are working perfectly, but starting to show some wear.

You’ve got a big event coming up and want a fresh set of boots for the event.

You place your order for another set of size 1’s, receive your boots, and….wait just a minute!!!

These boots are WAY TOO SMALL!!!

Those scoundrels at EasyCare must have changed the sizing!

Not only that, the event is only a week away!

What do you do NOW?!

Does this sound familiar?

First: Let me assure you that we at EasyCare have not changed our boot sizing.

Second: Let’s think of our horses as our own personal athletes. Any human athlete will tell you that one cardinal rule you should always follow is this:

NEVER use brand new equipment for an event. Even if it is the SAME BRAND and SIZE you’ve always used.

Third: Horses hooves can and DO change throughout the year based on many factors including but not limited to environment, movement, moisture content, terrain, diet, herd dynamics, and so on. These changes can be very abrupt or very subtle, and can easily go un-noticed unless you are measuring them daily.

Fourth: Simply relying on boot fit is not an accurate way to determine boot sizing,  gauge or otherwise monitor hoof changes, because boots tend to mold to the shape of the hoof capsule and will accommodate these changes over time. Wear patterns are forged into the tread and inner foot bed which is why establishing a LEFT and a RIGHT is important.

Old and new size 1 Easyboot Glove boots
Glove boots in size 1. The one on the left is 2 years old and the one on the right is brand new.

Moral of the story when buying boots

  1. ALWAYS start by MEASURING hooves after a FRESH TRIM.
  2. Never order new boots based on the size you’ve always used before.
  3. If ordering prior to an event, allow AT LEAST 45 days to give yourself plenty of time to make changes if necessary and allow your horse a good break in period.
  4. Do not use your friends (used) boots to determine the size you need for your horse.
  5. Use a little medicated powder behind the heel bulbs, especially when boots are brand-new.
  6. When in doubt, simply give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you!

Following these simple steps will help ensure a successful booting experience for both you and your horse without any surprises.