There is a reason why the Original Easyboot is always in our top three selling products. It performs well and it has been tested on every terrain imaginable since 1970. Although EasyCare now has ten riding boots, Easyboot is the Kleenex of the brand. Every horse boot made has and will be called an Easyboot at some point. People just know the name, what it means, and the tradition it carries.

Every store that carries EasyCare prodcuts should stock the Original Easyboot. Although there have been huge advancements in alternative hoof care and we have developed boots that no loger have internal and external hardware or any moving parts. The Easyboot remains a top seller. Often people will not attempt to change something that has shown results.

So if the Easyboot is not in your line, you are missing sales: it has been performing for over 30 years and we expect it will continue this run for years to come.

Brian Mueller


Director of Sales

As the director of sales, I am responsible for identifying new dealer opportunities and building on existing relationships to foster ideas and create additional growth.