Welcome to September! Football season and cooler weather… reasons to cheer! Here in Arizona, more and more people are out riding after a long and oven-hot summer.

As more people are hitting the trail once again, I have been asked a few times what Gaiter am I using with the Easyboot Trail. Ah, the answer is so simple. The Gaiter that fits so well with the Easyboot Trail is the same exact gaiter used with the Boa Hoof Boots and the Old Mac’s G2s!

The Gaiters simply slide in the bottom of the boot, fold back to insert the hoof, wrap the gaiter around the pastern making sure to smooth out the material, fasten the hook and loop then finish fastening the boot! Wa La!


mr p

Now you are ready to go out and enjoy that trail! Enjoy the weather and happy riding.