EasyCare is happy to announce three new therapy products that will hit the equestrian market in early 2015.

The EasyCare Therapy Click System–  The series of Therapy Click plates will snap on to many of EasyCare’s popular boot models, giving an owner, veterinarian or hoof care professional the versatility of using whichever boot is most comfortable to the horse, while offering the right therapeutic angle or break-over for their recovery process. They simply snap into place and then be secured with four screws. Therapy Click bases can be interchanged throughout the recovery process for the ease of the owner and benefit of the equine as it recovers. The same base quickly attaches to the Easyboot Cloud, Easyboot Rx, Original Easyboot, Easyboot Epic, Easyboot Glove, Easyboot Glue-On, Easyboot Back Country and the new EasySlipper.  The brilliance of the system is in the simplicity and versatility.

The flyers below explain the system and show how it’s already helping horses:

Vets and farriers have been attaching bases to boots over the 45+ years EasyCare has been in the hoof boot business.  What makes the Therapy Click System unique is the channel system and how it quickly fits into the tread pattern of nine hoof care devices.  The system has been developed by a vet and used on many successful laminitis/founder cases.  The base system allows mechanics to be applied to a removable recovery device.


The Easyboot Cloud.  The Easyboot Cloud will be launched as a therapeutic system to give comfort to thin soles, abscesses, laminitic stages, stresses of shipping, recovery after workouts and stalling on hard surfaces. This product offers traction and variable inserts to create comfort for recovering horses and performing horses alike.

The Easyboot Cloud provides instant and ongoing relief for horses suffering from chronic laminitis, founder, lameness and general lower limb or hoof problems. The boot can be used to aid movement and reduce recovery time after injury or surgery. The Easyboot Cloud may be used in conjunction with the Therapy Click System.

The supportive sole of the Easyboot Cloud is designed to allow the horse to stand more comfortably by reducing pressure on the sensitive areas of the hoof and lower leg. The increased comfort level stimulates blood flow and a faster recovery time from many lower leg pathologies. Each Easyboot Cloud comes with an integrated EVA comfort pad to provide the necessary comfort and support within the boot. Replacement comfort pads are sold separately.  Many of you may recognize the bottom molds and a resemblance to the Boa Horse Boot?  We actually used the old Boa Horse Boot molds and added a new tread pattern to accommodate the Click System.

The Easyboot ZipThe Zip is a simple slip-on boot designed to protect the hoof. Safe and easy to apply, the Zip is a better alternative to clumsy foot wraps for medicating the hoof or keeping the hoof free from dirt and oils. The removable internal leather sole helps pull moisture from the hoof and can be easily removed for cleaning.

• Protects the hoof from dirt and oils
• Safe and easy to apply
• A better alternative to awkward foot wraps
• Allows the hoof to breathe
• Keeps the hoof clean
• Ideal for medicating the hoof
• Removable leather sole insert
• Machine washable
• Available in 5 sizes

The EasyCare Therapy Click System, The Easyboot Cloud and The Easyboot Zip should round out our therapy line very well and lend a hand to vets, farriers and podiatrists in 2015.  EasyCare is also launching several new products on the performance side.  Our March newsletter will highlight our new performance launch and how some of the therapy and performance products can be used together.

Garrett Ford

President & CEO

I have been President and CEO of EasyCare since 1993. My first area of focus for the company is in product development, and my goal is to design the perfect hoof protection for the barefoot horse.