We got in a very cold ride today.  I tested out my horse’s hoof boots (Easyboot Gloves) for the first time on this type of footing.  It was like half-frozen sludge that would support the hoof momentarily only to punch through the crust into deep boot sucking mud.   I’d never thought about the gaiters on the hoof boot as being “protective”.  But every time I felt her punch her hoof through a frozen muddy crust I was very glad that I chose to boot her.

Easycare hoof boots were in good attendance today.   Phebes was booted,  and Lida’s horse Doc was also booted.  My friend Chris had a boot hanging on her saddle “just in case.”   The other two riders were on shod horses, but I think I may have made a convert of one of the riders who was very impressed with the Gloves.     I’m so sold on the new boot that I’m planning to use Easycare’s competitive hoof boot upgrade program after the first of the year to trade in my remaining Epics for some Easyboot Gloves.  I’d like to have her booted all around and a few spares by ride season in the spring.

OH….But the high point of the day was the discussion I had with Chris concerning the proposed AERC rule change that would require random drug testing for riders.   Any rider caught using steroids, anti-inflammatory drugs, pain killers, etc would lose their ride points or completion mileage.   I had her hook, line, and sinker.  The look on her face?  PRICELESS. ~E.G.


  1. I definitely concur – I was glad my horse had on his Easy Boot gloves when we were crunching throgh the ice and half-frozen mud.

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