The new Easyboot Fit Kit is a great way to be certain of the size Glove boot your horse needs before you order it. This boot even comes in half sizes to fit the in between horses. Because there is no hardware to help tighten the boot, it is crucial that you get the right size Easyboot Glove. The Easyboot GloveThis new boot is amazing but will not work if it is not fitted correctly.

For the Glove or Glue On , you will measure the same way as you would any other boot but this time you will want to measure in millimeters and always after a fresh barefoot trim.

Once you get the measurements, order a Fit Kit of the size boot you think you need. For $8.50 you will get 3 Glue On shells, one will be the size you think you need, one will be a size larger and another a size smaller.

Once you receive your Fit Kit, you will want to try on the shells to see which boot fits best. You want to make sure that there are no gaps at the top of the boot and that the V in the front of the boot is spread. Run a hoof pick along the top of the boot, it should be hard to fit the pick between the boot and the horses hoof. You should also be able to walk your horse around and even trot him out without the shells popping off. You have 30 days to return the Fit Kit back to us.

This is what a boot that fits looks like.The Fit Kit allows you to order the size Easyboot Glove or Glue On you know you need and cuts out the disappointment of ordering the wrong  size Easyboot.

Posted by Miriam Rezine