The Development of the Easyboot


Dr. Neel Glass was the man behind the world’s first Easyboot in 1969. It’s hard to believe that was 50 years ago now!

The first prototype of the Easyboot in 1969.
Released just this year, the Fury Sling is one of our newest Easyboot models.
Dr. Neel Glass holding one of the first hoof boots.


Dr. Glass wanted to help a beloved family horse suffering from navicular disease. These new Easyboots were first used as “spare tires” that riders would carry with them if their horse happened to slip a shoe, especially during endurance events.




Dr. Glass decided to use Easyboots throughout an entire ride to really put them to the test. He tied for fifth place in the first Los Alamos Endurance Endurance Ride in 1973. The Easyboots were a success!

Dr. Neel Glass and Easyboot Dandy. Neel is wearing a buckle from his 1975 Tevis finish using four Easyboots.

Over the next several years, Dr. Glass and his wife, Lucille, each rode more than 5,000 miles in American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC) sanctioned rides. Almost all of those miles were completed using Easyboots over bare hooves.

50 years later, Easyboots have clearly continued to prove their worth!


  1. I didn’t realize just how long these boots have been around. That’s pretty amazing! I love the old photos too!!

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