Submitted by Pascale Winckler, Team Easyboot 2015 Member

I am a French orienteering competition rider (TREC). In competition, the required equipment is:

  • Medical list: strips, antibacterial, scissors, compresses.
  • Security list: reflective band (for the horse), yellow safety vest, headlamp (with spare  batteries), red lamp.
  • For booted horses, the rider has to have a spare boot.
  • Papers for the horse and rider.

To transport all these items on the trail, I love my EasyCare Stowaway.

  • It doesn’t bounce because it is tightly attached to the saddle.
  • It is versatile, I can adapt it to the two saddles I use.
  • It is roomy, with a lot of compartments, so each item of my obligatory equipment has its place.

I use the Pommel Stowaway and the English Stowaway.

Stowaway Pommel. Blue arrows show where it is tightly attached to the saddle so it doesn’t lean on the withers. There is two lower additional strap for “no bounce” fixation.

In the Stowaway Pommel, I carry the following items:

  • Truck keys
  • Phone in the special pocket
  • Lipstick and sunblock (important if you want to smile without pain the day after competition)
  • Hoof pick
  • Knife,
  • Headlamp,
  • Thin merino wool sweater (in spring/summer if required by the weather)
  • Spare boots (sometime I store it in the rear Stowaway)
  • Second map holder and compass (I use two small double face waterproof map holders to avoid needing to manipulate maps during the ride, a compass is attached to each holder)
  • Pen and ruler, small calculator (equipment for orienteering work)
  • Transparent holder with time/distance table and number of strides of my horse to do 100 meters (a good evaluation of distances is required for a precise orienteering work)

In the rear (English) Stowaway I store:

  • Emergency list items
  • Security list items
  • Water bottles
  • Spare boots if not in the stowaway pommel
  • Rain skirt and rain coat if the forecast calls for it
  • Red lamp

In the past, I was reluctant to transport a lot of water for my personal use. But as my trails became longer and in harder conditions, I realized the necessity of good hydration to avoid muscle cramps and fatigue. The water bottle compartments are just perfect for an easy access to water and allow to save room in the other compartments.

To transport all that stuff in my truck, I use the EasyCare Gear Bag, that is a wide bag with mesh side, very useful after ride when the Stowaway could be a bit wet.

See you on the trail!