Vicki had initially contacted me at the beginning of June. She had tried using the Easyboot Glove on her mule, Sassy, and they just were not working for her. Because of the shape of Sassy’s hooves, I suggested that she try the Easyboot Epic and here is what Vicki has to say:

“When I bought my mule, Sassy, last fall, her hooves were in very bad shape with large chunks chipped out of them. It’s been a slow process getting her hooves to grow out and get stronger. She is very sensitive on gravel or hard ground. My farrier recommended boots rather than shoes if I could find something to fit her. With help from EasyCare in the fitting process, I purchased a pair of size 0 Epics for her.  The first time I put the boots on her, she was like a different mule.  She moves out much more willingly now and stands very patiently while I put her boots on and remove them.”

Below is a picture of Vicki and Sassy wearing her Epics.

You will soon see this picture on our Mule Page in the EasyCare website. Thanks for the testimonial Vicki.

Dee Hoime