When I think of endurance riding I usually picture Arabian horses along with a few other breeds like mustangs or gaited horses. I picture smaller lean horses. When Magali Bastin contacted me about getting boots for her endurance Freisian I was caught quite off guard.

Magali would like to keep Harley barefoot but needs to find a boot without a gaiter so that he can keep his beautiful feathers. Although the Easyboot Glove would have been ideal, Harley will have to look into getting himself some Glue Ons for rides.

Here is what Magali had to say about Harley:

“He is doing great in the sport…we are still doing LD’s because I don’t want to burn him out but he is getting the best metabolic scores, he already got two best conditions. Harley and I want to prove that this breed is capable of doing this sport, after all, in the middle age they went to the heat of war carrying knights with heavy armor after pulling the war equipment to the battle site.”

Hoof boots will be a great tool for a horse of this size who does a sport like endurance. The reduction of concussion from the boots will be priceless for this big guy. Keep an eye out for this handsome horse, he surely stands out in the crowd!

Miriam Rezine




  1. Awsome! I would love to know what saddle Magali rides in. I have a Friesian and saddle fitting was as much a challenge as fitting hoof boots.

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