Written by Deby O’Gorman

As you know, Rose and I have had a really tough time finding a hoof boot that we could use – Rose with her very small pastern area getting rubbed raw and me with Rheumatoid Arthritis, making some boots nearly impossible to put on.

The Easyboot Glove Back Country boots arrived in time for the ride I’d planned to the Carson River Hot Springs. My husband helped me try them on Rose and they fit! After his help in trying them on, I felt fairly confident that I could put them on without any assistance.

Rose and I arrived the morning of the ride at the trailhead a bit early for our ride to the Carson River Hot Springs. I put the Easyboot Back Country boots on Rose and when everyone was ready, we headed out. It’s a bit rocky in the first couple of miles, but after that there are some fairly nice roads down to the river. So far, so good, the boots stayed on nicely.

Deby and Rose 1

We got down to the river and it was a bit higher than it had been about a month earlier when we’d first made this ride. But, Rose and I plunged right on in and crossed the Carson River – and the boots stayed on!

Deby and Rose 2

Later that day, we crossed back over the River and rode back through Leviathan Canyon crossing Byrant Creek many, many times while progressing up this very rocky canyon. Nineteen rocky and soggy miles later, Rose didn’t have a single rub, and you guessed it, the boots stayed on!

Deby and Rose 3

I want to thank you, EasyCare, so much for helping Rose and I with our idiosyncrasies. You are truly a blessing.

Deby and Rose 4

Take care and may the horse be with you,

Deby O’Gorman