Curtis Burns and I received great news over the holiday break that our open nailing slot nailing plate had received a patent! (Yes, Curtis is the farrier who shod the 2018 Triple Crown winner Justify). The patent was a welcome addition to a flexible shoe that we believe will help many horses in many different disciplines. Since the release of the EasyShoe Flex in early 2018 the Flex has been successfully used on top endurance horses, mounted patrol units, dressage champions and hunter/jumpers.

The open slot nailing pattern is a critical feature in the EasyShoe Flex product line and allows the farrier exact nail placement without compromise.  Our original design had a closed design and forced nail placement on many feet.  The change to an open nailing slot helped the shoe fit more horses and achieve exact nail placement.

Our original nailing slot on the left, the open nailing slot on the right changed everything.

Another important feature is the length of the nailing slot.  The length of the slot in the EasyShoe Flex is roughly 8mm on each side.  This 8mm of length allows a much wider variance for nail placement and allows the outside of the shoe to be ground down eliminating unwanted width. Even when the shoe is narrowed by removing material, there is still room for nail placement.

The finished shoe is a functional work of art.

Clear plastic works with the open nailing slot.  The white line of the hoof is marked with a black sharpie to clearly show nail location and placement.

Listen to Curtis Burns talk about the features and benefits of the internal nailing plate.

The EasyCare Flex has been difficult to keep in stock and we are sorry for the unexpected shortage of inventory in 2018. We now have great stock levels and look forward to helping more farriers and horses in 2019.

Give the Patented EasyShoe a try!