Written by EasyCare Customer, Kate P.

My horse Monkey made 37 starts on the track. Despite a diligent hoof care regimen, he still grows really flat feet. He was diagnosed with navicular syndrome a few years ago. Shortly afterwards, he became unsound in traditional metal shoes. I tried a few different composite setups, but EasyCare products have been the easiest for us to use. I like the Versa Grip Light with the 11 Finger Tabs because I can make modifications to the shoe prior to application so that it fits his hoof perfectly. Even in deep sand or rocky ground, these shoes will stay on for 4-6 weeks. The caudal support and flexibility of the Versa Grip Light keeps Monkey very comfortable. After our first summer of using these shoes, he stayed sound barefoot, which is a big deal for Monkey! I put them back on this summer so that he will be comfortable even if we encounter gravel or rough ground at show venues. These shoes really work perfectly for us on the trails or in the arena.

I entered Monkey last night for the first time in THREE YEARS. It was slow, but he put himself in the right spot at every barrel with very little help from me. We are going to focus on increasing our fitness and adding speed over the next month.

Photos by: Malorey Vee Photography