EasyCare is not only on the cutting edge of the natural hoof care movement, we are also continually adding useful information to our website that will help YOU sell our products.  Check out the following links and make sure you are up to date on everything Easycare is doing.

  1. Video Clips that give instructions and education on fitting/repair of our horse boots.
  2. Informative articles about keeping a barefoot horse in EasyCare boots and other articles on natural hoof trimming.
  3. Our Blog is constantly updated with the latest information and tips from barefoot trimming to hoof pads.
  4. New product images and information  EasyCare is always developing new hoof boots or making improvements to our existing line, make sure you have the latest information and pictures available for you customers.
  5. Dealer Search our website receives thousands of new hits everyday from all over the world, make sure end-users searching EasyCare products can find you!