It’s here! The Easyboot Sneaker is the most pliable hoof boot in the Easyboot lineup, designed to give the hoof maximum flexibility. The Easyboot Sneaker sole provides a new tread design and is engineered from a blend of rubber and urethane. This material absorbs shock, wears well, and allows for maximum hoof mechanism. A great hoof boot for pleasure riders, turn out, and therapy uses.

Application and removal of the Easyboot Sneaker is simple with the large, overlapping hook-and-loop upper pattern, which keeps the boot secure while the horse is in motion. The patent-pending strapping system locks the heel in place to reduce twisting and improve boot retention, and the replaceable front strap is quick and easy to fasten.
The Easyboot Sneaker is available in both regular and narrow patterns to ensure proper fit and function. The seven regular and narrow patterns are designed to fit a large selection of equine feet.


  1. Have you had any reviews on twisting? Also, what do describe as light trail? I have the occasional steep rocky descent/ascent. Horse loves the squishy soles of another brand but unusable due to twisting, bad result just walking a 100 metres.

    • So far, we haven’t received any reviews noting twisting issues. As long as the boot is a good fit, it should not twist. The Sneaker is a casual riding boot, so yes, it will work well for trail riding, but maybe not on really aggressive terrain.

  2. I have a Thoroughbred who has oddly shaped feet as well as not very strong hoof walls. I have tried Cavallo Entry Level boots and one rubs his heel even with the pastern wraps and comfort sleeve. Might the Easyboot sneaker be a better boot for him? I trail ride on some rocky trails and would like to be able to ride 3-4 hours at a time.

      • Today the right front is 5 wide and 5 1/4 long. The left front is 4 3/4 wide and 5 long (all inches). His right front sort of slopes…eve though he’s had trims every 4-6 weeks for the past 2 years the shape of his hoof does not seem to improve much. And he has low heels, especially on the right front. I have ridden him without shoes or boots on the back so if I could find boots that fit and don’t rub at least for the front, that would be wonderful. The farrier is coming on Saturday to trim him and that will change his measurements at least a little. From the pictures, these boots look like they come up higher over the heels and on the pasterns and I thought that might help with the rubbing on his heel. Thanks!

        • Have you already gotten your new measurements? If the measurements didn’t change much with the most recent trim, I would recommend a size 2 in the regular pattern for both front hooves.

  3. Which world be best for trail riding the back country or the sneakers. I’ve just been given a Paso Fino with sore front feet small. 90x 100. It will not be hard riding just some fun. Thank you for your time and help

    • Either boot style would work well for trail riding. Based on your horse’s hoof measurements, the Easyboot Sneaker size 00 in the Regular Pattern would be a good fit. You could also try the Easyboot Back Country in a size 00. Between the two, the Sneaker is more for casual riding and will be easier to get on and off.

  4. I am excited to try this boot, as I have been looking for a boot that can handle light riding, therapy, and occasional turnout. Does this material seem to protect against rubs? Also, what are your recommendations for using this boot for hoof packing in the case of an abscess?

  5. Interested in these for therapy use (recovering laminitic). can they accomodate thicker pads than 6mm? Horse is currently padded with 25mm pads in soft ride boots.

    • Depending on the conformation and size of the hoof, you may be able to put a 12 mm pad in these boots, but probably not anything thicker than that. The 6 mm pads will fit the best.

    • Based on these hoof measurements, I would recommend a size 3 in the Narrow pattern of the Easyboot Sneaker.

    • Yes, they can be used for light trail riding. The sole is more flexible than any of our other styles and it’s made of a rubber-urethane blend, rather than all urethane, which will give it a little better traction.

  6. How does your Velcro hold up on these. I have 2 pair of the cloud and they weren’t even 5 months old when the Velcro wouldn’t hold and had to tape them on. My soft rides are 2 years old and the Velcro stil good. Would like to try your new boots but it is expensive if the Velcro wears out like the cloud did.

    • The Sneaker hasn’t been available long enough to have any long-term feedback yet, but the hook-and-loop fasteners used on the Sneaker are similar to the hook-and-loop fasteners used on the Easyboot Cloud.

  7. I am excited to see these new sneakers, but I am wondering what type of insert pad goes in them or do they not have one to go in it. Looking for turnout/therapy. Thanks

    • Pads are not necessary to use this boot as the protection/cushion provided by the sole is enough for most horses. However, if you would like to add a pad, our 6 mm Comfort Pads would fit well and provide a little more cushion and shock absorption.

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