Gee, thanks, Title Wizard! If it weren’t for you my blog post this week would be titled something totally, pathetically lame like “Organizational Euphoria.”

Now, anyone that knows me knows that I like stuff. I’m not a hoarder or anything crazy like that but I do like having the things I need, and having those things readily available. When I very first began using Easyboot Gloves, I had one horse going and one semi-retired. Having eight hoof boots laying around was really a non-issue. However, my herd began growing, changing and evolving, and so did my Glove collection. OMG. They exploded like bunnies. Over the last two years, I have coped with a bag housing boots that were pretty interchangeable between horses. Again, eight or twelve boots weren’t the end of the world.

And then… along came The Moose. And the Moose’s white counterpart, The Unicorn. The more the merrier, right? Right. Except when FOUR horses wear EIGHT different size boots. Eight pairs of boots = 16 boots. Did I mention SIX of these boots are over size 2?? Size matters. This is starting to sound like some horrific math problem from the eighth grade.

After a winter of boots scattered about the trailer, tack room, living quarters and back seat of the truck, I decided there *had* to be a better way. Now remember I am a shopper by heart. I loooooove going to the mall. I love buying clothes, make-up, decorations for the house and, my favorite, stuff for my horses. I HATE office stores, hardware stores and tire stores. Ewww. But with some convincing, I relented and accompanied my husband to the local Home Depot. After sulking through row after row of “man stuff,” I walked into the next aisle and there it was- The Solution.

Enter Husky Secure Lock Track Wall and Vertical Mesh Organizer. I swear to God angels sang. I snatched up the necessary stuff to go along with it and excitedly awaited for organizational bliss. Because my horse trailer serves as a tack room, it is important I stay organized so I don’t kill anyone. After scoping out several options to install my new organizer I decided on hanging the track in the horse compartment where my boot storage thingy will hang while we’re not driving. Before going somewhere, I’ll simply unlock and remove said storage thingy and put it in the tack room. Arrive at ride, hang back up and voila, instant organization!


So far, so good!

Because I have only the three horses at home right now, the three-compartments were perfect. One compartment for each horse, spares and odd sizes in my old boot bag tucked out of the way and I am one happy girl!!

How do you organize your stuff?

~ Amanda