Most people think that the best way to analyze Glove-fit for your horse is to measure, order a fit-kit, ascertain size, and apply boots. Of course this approach is far too simplistic and you need to be aware of the realities of the situation.

Phase 1
Acquire as many horses as you can in as many shapes and sizes as possible. Note this is key – not the number of horses, but the variation. Acquiring many horses of the same size will not work. Ideally, encourage your friends to acquire horses of different sizes to your own, especially if you have a gap in size.

Horse A - Roo

Phase 2

Step 1
Take Horse A and remove his shoes. Trim him to the best of your ability. Measure. Apply fit kit to ascertain size. Buy boots to fit.

Step 2:
Ride horse over rough terrain for several months. Lose boots because a) you are still learning to trim, b) you didn’t trim short enough, c) the boots you thought fit him don’t because of a) and b). Adjust fit accordingly.

Step 3:
Become smug that your boots now fit perfectly.

Step 4:
Take horse to an endurance ride. Lose boots. Realize your fit isn’t quite right – adjust boot sizes/trimming accordingly.

Step 5:
Horse A is now fitted for boots.*

*for this year.


Horse B - Uno

Phase 3:

Step 1:
Take Horse B and follow Phase 2, Steps 1-4 above.

Step 2:
Upon reaching Step 4 (“Realize that your fit isn’t quite right”) dig in the back of the tack room for the discarded boots from Phase 2. Apply those boots to Horse B.

Step 3:
Horse B is now fitted for boots.

Horse C - Fergus

Phase 4:

Step 1:
Take Horse C and ignore Steps 1-3 and proceed directly to digging in the back of the tack room for the discarded boots from Phases 2 and 3. Apply those boots to Horse C.

Step 2:
Horse C is now fitted for boots.


Horse D - Jackit

Phase 5:

Step 1:
Take Horse D, apply boots from back of the tack room amassed from Phases 2 – 4. Discover only half of them fit. Make puppy-eyes at your friend with a horse of similarly sized feet. Horse D is now fitted for boots.

By following the above simple steps, you will acquire a pair of every single size Glove offered by EasyCare. Should you be missing some sizes, after careful eyeballing of the feet, encourage your friends to “buy that prospect”. And encourage them to follow the same steps, including you in the general boot bounty. Should you discover that you are missing some sizes, you will need to go out and purchase a “project horse”. Or two.

Boot Buckets

Note that Phases 2 through 5 are for the first year only.

Previous Boot Fit Size Roster:

Horse A – Roo: 0.5/0/00.5
Horse B – Uno: 1.5/1
Horse C – Fergus: 3/2
Horse D – Small Thing: no boot would fit based on his measurements.

For Year 2, you may repeat the performance by adjusting every single horse up or down a half or whole size. Because you already have boots of every single size (or your friends do), this is not a problem – just dig in the back of the tack room (or theirs).

Current Boot Fit Size Roster:

Horse A – Roo: 0.5/0
Horse B – Uno: 2/1.5
Horse C – Fergus: 2.5/1.5
Horse D – Small Thing: 00.5/00

Lucy Chaplin Trumbull
Sierra Foothills. California