My name is Garrett Ford and I wear a bunch of hats at EasyCare.

Over the last couple of years the majority of my focus has been divided into three areas.  My first area of focus is product development and making the perfect hoof boot for the barefoot horse.  It’s essential that EasyCare products and our product lines continue to evolve through R&D and acquisitions.  My next area of focus is to ensure we have the best team possible.  Our team members are the lifeline between EasyCare and our customers.  Lastly, I make sure we have the latest and greatest in business systems to support the EasyCare team members and our customers.

I have been involved with horses the majority of my life and currently own five endurance horses.  Although the hours at EasyCare and time with my daughter keep me away from huge endurance miles,  I’ll try and do several major events in the coming years.

I did my first endurance ride when I was 12 years old, completed the Tevis Cup when I was 13 years old, and now have roughly 6,000 lifetime AERC miles. I’m very proud that I have finished 100 out of 102 endurance events for a 98% completion rate.  All of my 6,000 miles have been completed in Easyboots for horses.