This photo shows me and my horse, Ebony (April Fool’s) at a National Endurance and Driving Assoc (NEDA) ride near Winnemucca, NV. I have had my horses barefoot since 2005. I have used Epics, Bares, and now Easyboot Gloves. I want to brag about Ebony for many reasons, but for one, to EasyCare’s credit, she has thrived in Gloves. Her former owner convinced me to go barefoot and later gave her to me. I don’t think she has ever been shod. The Gloves almost never come off and as you can see, she is floating above the ground with free movement. I am as content as I can be and I believe she is, too. In 2012 I completed rides on her for 3 days at the XP Rides at Grand Canyon and had a boot come loose (but stay attached by the gaiter) only once. I am bringing another horse along in Gloves now and she is doing well, too. The Gloves are truly EASY to put on and take off. Our success is true comfort and ease of movement over many pleasure and endurance miles.

Name: Valerie Williams
City: Carson City, NV, USA
Equine Discipline: Endurance
Favorite Boot: Easyboot Glove