Here is a great testimonial to attest to the success of the Easyboot Gloves used at the recent Grand Canyon endurance ride. The Gloves saved the completion for this rider due to the help of Dave Rabe with his booting knowledge.

“I was at the Grand Canyon XP this past week and encountered some shoeing challenges due to the consistently wet, muddy conditions. My mares feet swelled from a size 1 to a 2 and started loosing her shoes! Her renegades, wouldn’t even fit due to the moisture saturation in her feet.

We only had one day left to meet our five day goal and I wasn’t about to throw in the towel. Dave Rabe became our Knight in Shining Armor, I was so happy to see him back in the saddle and at the ride. He had been cheering me on all week. He asked if I had tried the EasyCare boots and I gave him the reader’s digest version of the history we had had with them. He was patient, kind, listened and was extremely helpful. He showed us how to prep her feet and put them on. He told me that he preferred the Easyboot Glue-Ons, but given the conditions we were in and what he had on hand, to go with the Gloves. Which we did.

Drae and I hit the starting line the next morning and she was moving like she was on air. We went through the boggy wet canyons, and climbed the hills, mile after mile, I kept looking to make sure we still had boots and they were still there! This mare trots 10-11.5 mph comfortably and loves to power up hills, my husband and I were worried that she’d tear through them. We finished day five in 2nd place and we were extremely pleased with how well the Gloves held up and how quickly you can put them on or take them off. She didn’t have any rub marks or pressure bruises on the bulbs, that I had typically experienced years ago. Thanks for such a wonderful product.


Tammy Gagnon
Happy Trails Equine Services”

We thank you Tammy for sharing this with us. As always, EasyCare wants to hear your successes with barefoot and booting. Do you have a booting success story to share?

Nancy Fredrick

Easycare President-ceo-garrett-ford

EasyCare Customer Care

I have been on the EasyCare team since 2001 and have first hand product knowledge as my horses are barefoot, booted and I do their trimming. I can assist you with all of your booting needs. .