EasyCare’s Product Specialist Team gets asked pretty regularly, “Do you know about the product or do you just answer the phone?” We get the privilege of responding, “We are actually experts on EasyCare products.”

Even though the products can be found worldwide, EasyCare is still a small company. Right now, we have four people on our Product Specialist Team (PST). All of us on the PST have our own horses and have experience using a variety of Easyboots. We also have monthly trainings to make sure we stay current on the latest application processes for products such as the EasyShoe Versa Grip Light with the 11 Finger Tabs, as well as any new boot products such as our newest Easyboot Remedy line.

When a new team member joins us, we make sure that they get a chance to get each boot in their hands and get some hands-on experience. Understanding the challenges of booting or the actual method of application helps us answer your questions honestly and guide you towards the right product for you and your horse.

We even get our CEO, accountant, and operations lead in on the fun, too!

We care deeply about our own horses, and we care about the usefulness and effectiveness of EasyCare products. We want to make sure we get your horse into the best product for the situation at hand. We appreciate you relying on us for your booting needs.

Next time you call in, don’t be afraid to ask us what we like to use on our own horses, or what our recommendation is for you and your horse.