EasyCare is asked on a daily basis to produce smaller size boots and larger size boots.  Although our goal is to help all horses, these projects fall on both ends of the bell curve, and sales often don’t support the mold costs.  In 2013, EasyCare added two larger Easyboot Trail and New Mac sizes in the #11 and #12 after police horses in Australia were electrocuted and killed.  The smaller horses were wearing boots and survived, the larger horses didn’t fit in boots and were killed.  The #11 and #12 boots were quickly added to prevent this type of disaster in the future.

Early testing of the Easyboot Mini on a mini that lives in the house.  Who knew horses needed traction on kitchen tile? 

The addition of the #11 and #12 New Mac and EasyCare the largest range of hoof boot sizes in the world.  We now have the ability to fit most horses and breeds, but still have regular requests for smaller boots to fit the miniature breeds and young foals.  Because of the requests and our desire to help more horses, we have completed four new molds to take care of these small feet and can now fit a hoof down 42mm or 1 5/8 inches wide. We will offer four Easyboot Mini sizes and the largest Easyboot Mini size will fit a hoof width of 85mm or 3 1/4 inches wide.

The smallest Easyboot Mini.

The Easyboot Mini next to the smallest Easyboot Glove/Easyboot Glove Back Country Size #00.

The Easyboot Mini has been designed to fit both the miniature breeds and young foals.  The goal of the project was to fit these small feet and offer protection for driving, service work and road work. Here are some of the features that make the Easyboot Mini unique to the market:

  1. The urethane blend of material makes the sole both flexible and long wearing.
  2. The upper folds back out of the way for easy application.
  3. The upper adjusts well to different pastern sizes.  
  4. The smallest Easyboot Mini size is the smallest molded hoof boot in the world.   

Upper folds back for easy application.

Profile photo of the smallest Easyboot Mini size.
The Easyboot Mini project is complete and will start shipping in mid April, 2016.  It’s fun to help a whole new group of horses and expand the EasyCare range.  Easyboot Mini boot sales will probably never be strong enough to recoup our mold costs but I can’t wait to add one to the Christmas tree as an ornament, another to my key chain and one to hang off my rear view mirror.  All will be good reminders of what’s important and to continue to help horses.

Garrett Ford


President & CEO


I have been President and CEO of EasyCare since 1993. My first area of focus for the company is in product development, and my goal is to design the perfect hoof boot for the barefoot horse.