This week we wanted to feature the Easyboot Fury Sling. This hoof boot made its debut in 2019. This boot can be a great option for hooves that can be difficult to fit, or for more experienced boot-users that want a boot they can adjust through their horse’s trim cycle.

Product Highlights

  • The Easyboot Fury Sling is lightweight, with an open design that minimizes contact with the hoof, which can be beneficial for more sensitive horses.
  • This minimalist boot comes with a padded, EVA foam heel sling that pivots backward for quick and easy application and removal.
  • No hook and loop, no cables, no bulk.
  • Easy to wash, and quick to dry.
  • Aggressive tread pattern.
  • Most importantly, the Easyboot Fury Sling (as well as the Fury Heart) is adjustable in length and width, which makes it a great option for hooves that don’t necessarily fit well into our other boot styles.
    • The length is adjustable up to 25mm and the heel height adjusts up to 16mm.
    • However, getting this boot set up and adjusted for your horse is an extra step that can be a challenge at first. Jordan, an EasyCare Product Specialist, was able to walk us through the process on two different horses in these helpful videos.


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