You all probably recognize the above as a little project you did in kindergarten around Thanksgiving. The teacher had all the little boys and girls trace around their hands so they could create the image below:

hand turkey

Can you see how much bigger this turkey turned out than the hand above. This is the reason that we here at EasyCare recommend that you pick up the hoof and measure with a ruler instead of tracing. For our boot styles such as the Easyboot Glove and the Easyboot Glue-Ons that are measured in millimeters, the difference between each half size is four millimeters, or the thickness of three dimes. So there is little room for error in measuring and determining the correct boot size.

A Fit Kit is always recommended to ensure a good fit. I like to tell customers that the size chart is just a guideline since we are fitting a three dimensional hoof to a two dimensional measurement system.

Don’t be a turkey.

Thank you, and you will thank me later when your boots fit.

Shari Murray