Written by EasyCare Product Specialist Jordan Junkermann

This was my first experience gluing on this horse. Billie is thankfully an incredibly tolerant horse. While I was running around frantically trying to move quickly and efficiently through the gluing process, she just stood there and took a nap. She is a good candidate for glue-on boots because she is very tender barefoot outside of her paddock or pasture.

I often ride from my house during the week to eliminate travel time and to stay closer to my home during COVID-19. This means that a lot of my riding is done on gravel roads. The other trails she has been on once a week recently are single-track, dirt trails with some scattered rocks. It is the Rocky Mountains, after all.

I track all of my riding and was curious to see how the tread of the Easyboot LC did with frequent use on gravel roads. I was very pleased with the performance of these boots. I have had the Easyboot LC on Billie for five weeks. Billie and I logged around 50 miles in these boots. At least half of those miles were on gravel roads.


I have never seen Billie move more confidently than she did in these boots. She is an older girl, 21 years old, and I am cautious of over-stressing her joints. However, she never stocked up or took a lame step while she wore the Love Childs! I will definitely be refining my application process and reapplying these boots in the future.