Bernd has been involved in Marketing and sales jobs for 25 years, spending 15 years in the telecommunication business as sales manager and managing director. He started riding at the age of 30 and now owns two horses. He founded HufShop together with his wife, Claudia, in 1999.


Bernd quit corporate business in 2007 and started working for HufShop full time, where he is responsible for marketing and sales, public relations, networking, websites and human resources.

HufShop sells barefoot related products with a main focus on hoof boots. They offer 15 different boot models, most of which are manufactured by EasyCare. HufShop has established three webshops for riders, practitioners and an English site.

Bernd established Hufcheck in 2009, conducting hoof boot seminars for riders and professionals. These seminars have become very popular in a very short time, especially the five-day seminar, Hoof Boot Coach.

Practitioners learn theory about more than 20 hoof boot models. When it comes to practice and fitting, the number is normally reduced down to five models. The Hoof Boot Coach Seminar is popular because it is a workshop. After two days, participants begin working on solutions together, moving away from presentation. Participants are offered to select from different hoof boot subjects they are most interested in. “I’m very open towards participants’ opinions and experiences,” say Bernd. “I’m always supporting high level discussions among the participants.” Bernd says there is no wrong or right when fitting boots. “Everybody can learn from everybody – this is what I tell the attendees from the start and therefore they are eager to share their knowledge with others.”

By the end of 2013, there will be more than 150 Hoof Boot Coaches throughout Germany.

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