Jack Peacock has been in the equine products industry for 31 years. When he and his wife, Mary Jo started The Stagecoach West, they owned no horses, no hat and no boots. They simply got into the equine world as a business venture. Jack says it was the second-best decision of his life (marrying his wife was the best one).


Jack and Mary Jo soon got involved with horses and the game has been on since then. “I love them,” says Jack”. “I love everything about them.”

When asked about the secret to his business success, he says when someone comes to him, he likes to think they will get honesty, sincerity and an answer from his heart. “I have reached a point in my life when I know who I am and I would always like to help someone along the way.”

Jack Peacock

Jack believes nothing could be more different at The Stagecoach West of today compared to the company 31 years ago. “It’s not business as usual: you’d better know what you are doing and know your products, because your customer certainly will,” said Jack. He attributes the company’s success to consistently focusing on doing the right thing. “In the end,” he says, “That’s what counts.”

The company now employs some 24 people and operates from a 24,000 square foot facility in western New York. They sell a wide range of outdoor clothing and Western wear as well as saddles and other horse tack. They have carried EasyCare products for more than 20 years.

He is astounded at the changes in hoof boot technology. “Just think of the changes we have seen: we have gone from a basic Easyboot through a series of changes that are now shaping how we think about hoof care. Barefoot was not even mentioned years ago and today it is an integral part of our horse management program.” Jack and Mary Jo currently own ten horses. Two are booted, three are barefoot and the rest are shod.

He credits the biggest reward of this business as being the friends they have made along the way. He is most proud of The Stagecoach West being named Best of the Best: Western Retailer of the Year by Tack n‘Togs in 2009.

Jack’s creative approach to all things business has also led to a very gratifying relationship with Tom Seay of Best of America By Horseback. The Stagecoach West now administers Best of America By Horseback’s Trail Club.

“I can say this, I have never seen any company in this industry keep their foot on the accelerator more than EasyCare. We have carried every EasyCare product as it was developed and today, the Easyboot Glove is number one with us.”

Jack believes the barefoot horse industry can only continue going to continue to grow. “I do believe it will level off at some point, but I think that is a ways off.”

Look for Jack at Equine Affaire Massachusetts next year: it’s his favorite event.