The EasyShoe Versa Grip Light can certainly be life-changing.

If you’re new to gluing, this is a great option- it’s never been easier!

Read more about applying the EasyShoe Versa Grip Light with super glue!


  1. Hi, I just completed my first application of the Versa Lights with the finger tabs. It was much easier than I was expecting. Shaping the shoes was no problem, but I was so worried about not getting the welding process hot enough that I actually overheated it in one spot. (Oh, I used an old ceramic pizza stone to do the welding on. picked it up cheap at a garage sale. A smooth ceramic floor tile would probably work. much less expensive than a metal plate.) Also managed to weld one set of 4 tabs on upside down so that they were pointing towards the ground. Cut that off (it was a bear cutting it off,) and used the leftover pieces of 3 tabs, (making two with two tabs each,) and welded them on. Trimmed the tabs to the right length and you couldn’t even tell along the weld that it wasn’t a strip of 4 tabs. My horse seems to like the shoes. (These shoes are way less bulky than the Cloud boots he has been having to wear to go out in the pasture.) Now I am just waiting to see how well they stay on. I live on the wet side of the big Island in Hawaii, So don’t know how long the super glue will hang in there. My horse is 30 years old with on rotated coffin bone and other hoof problems. I will post an update on how long these stay on and if his hooves improve. Husband was my assistant, handing me tools and preparing the DIM, etc. Thank you Hubbie!

    • Thanks for sharing, Jean! We’re glad the whole process was easier than you were expecting. And what a creative use of a pizza stone! We look forward to reading your update!

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