Recently, a friend had a terrible thing happen to her longtime best pony, Nerf. He foundered. Kara quickly had Nerf’s shoes pulled and the toe bevelled. What now? Boots and pads. Which boot? What would you use in this situation?

Here are some suggestions for this type of protection needed.

Easyboot RxOld Mac’s G2 and Easyboot Trail.

The Easyboot Rx has built-in orthotics in the boot. The Old Mac’s G2s and Trails can have padding added without compromising the fit of the boot.  My personal preference, if the need were to arise, would be the EB Trail.

The Easyboot Trail, as with the others, can handle a pad added and or taped hooves. The Trail, however, is easiest, in my opinion, to apply and close. In foundered horses, this is imperative. The affected horse wants no part of bearing all weight on one painful hoof while one applies hoof protection to the other hoof.

This face deserves total comfort.

Currently, Nerf is sporting the Rx boots. He has rotation of the coffin bone in both fronts, but the right one is worse. Good news: Nerf is eating and drinking comfortably and he is walking around in his stall almost normally. Today was a great day for him. Hoof boots aren’t magic, they just seem like they are.

I suggested the Easyboot Trail for the future, for when the Nerfster starts moving out more and for riding. It is durable, can take the daily usage and again, is easy and quick to put them on correctly.

This is the ultimate goal for Nerf and Kara.