Hello barefoot community,

First I’d like to introduce myself.

I’m living in the South West of Germany and 10 years ago my wife Claudia and me founded  hufShop®. Last month we celebrated our 10 years anniversary. We have been using hoof boots ourselves for 15 years now.

Wer’e selling barefoot related products as a wholesaler and are mainly focussed on hoof boots. Since August 2007 hufShop is EasyCare’s distributor in Germany but we’ve been selling EasyCare products for nine years now. We’re supplying riders as well as practitioners, farriers, vets, online stores, etc.

Six months ago I established another company offering workshops for riders,practitioners and farriers. This company’s name is HUFCHECK (hoof check) HUFCHECK is  currently focussed on hoof boots, too but we have already been preparing workshops about Natural Hoof Care. We will start the new program probably in May 2010 and I’d like to thank especially  Manu Volk for supporting me and being a wonderful friend. Manu is a very experienced practitioner and without her help HUFCHECK would possibly never have been founded.

Beside the websites mentioned above I’m running some more like…

I must honestly say that it has become hard to maintain all these websites beside Facebook and Twitter accounts, several own blogs, EasyCare blogs, and several private websites. I guess already 20% of all words in this post are links :-))))

Having said this I’m looking forward to posting here regularly and would like to thank Garrett for giving us this opportunity.

We may all be a part of a great story that will certainly help a lot of horses living a better live !

Cheers, Bernd