For two boots that are named similarly and look a lot alike, it can be hard to decide which style might be right for you. The Trail and Trail Original both have a lot of great qualities, but their differences will determine which boot is right for you.


Both boots are ideal for light riding (roughly 25 miles per week), or even light turn out.

They can accommodate our Comfort Pads for extra comfort and protection, as well as for therapeutic purposes.

The flexible sole of these boots makes them easy to apply. They do not require much hand strength at all to get them on and off.

They have a hardy tread pattern to ensure traction in any type of terrain.

Although the Trail is more water resistant, both styles can be worn through the water, and both styles allow drainage at the base of the boot.

Easyboot Trail Original

This boot has been on the market for over a decade. It continues to be a popular option for our customers.

Boot Features

  • Padded leather around the top of the boot and at the heel.
  • Secure closure system at the sides of the boot and a 3-fold hook and loop at the heel.
  • Cordura upper allows for breathability and flexibility in the boot.
  • Cordura upper also allows boot to be a little more streamlined for a full coverage boot.

Easyboot Trail

This model debuted in 2015. It was designed to offer some additional features that the Trail Original was lacking.

Boot Features

  • Plastic upper allows for more water resistance and more durability when riding.
  • Neoprene around the top of the boot requires less maintenance. It is soft and stretchy, and may be a little more comfortable around the pastern.
  • The heel closure system has added security with a connection to the heel of the boot, as well as an outer snug strap.

These boots are similar in a lot of ways, and they can be beneficial in a lot of similar situations.

Which one to choose?

  • Do you go through lots of water? (Trail)
  • Do you go through grasses that have a lot of seeds or other plants that like to stick to any kind of fabric? (Trail)
  • Are you looking for the easiest option with the quickest application? (Trail Original)
  • Are you looking for the most cost-effective option? (Trail Original)


  1. I purchased the fury boots and love them. But, I think I put them on too tight. Romeo got rubbed raw on one ride. He’s wearing a 2 and L like them. Then my husband took the screws out to move them, lost them. Can I purchase extra screws. Shoeing has been an issue for me dealing with farriers for 30 yrs. That’s why I want boots to fit. Do I leave the strap loose or what.
    Thank you for your help in advance.

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