This week we wanted to feature the Easyboot Trail. This hoof boot made its debut in 2015. The Easyboot Trail has a simple, durable design that makes it a great choice for casual trail rides or turnout.

Product Highlights

  • When compared to the Easyboot Trail Original, the Easyboot Trail has a larger, solid front shield, as well as larger rivets, making it the more durable option.
  • The top of the boot is neoprene instead of leather. It has more padding and provides a softer bumper for more comfort and reduced potential for rubbing.
  • The Easyboot Trail is sized the same as the Easyboot Trail Original. Both styles have the same base and tread patterns, and come in a wide variety of sizes.
  • The Easyboot Trail has an additional snug strap at the back of the boot, which makes it a little more secure and a great option for turnout. This snug strap is also replaceable, so if you need a longer strap or your hook and loop system begins to lose its stick, you can easily replace it.
  • The Easyboot Trail can also be used for therapy purposes with the addition of our comfort pads.
  • This boot is considered a pleasure riding boot, and is recommended for up to 25 miles of riding per week.

Customer Testimonial

Gabe in his well-worn Easyboot Trails

Barbara in Indiana purchased Easyboot Trails when they first became available in 2015. She said, “My horse, Gabe, has been barefoot for as long as I’ve had him, but when we started trail riding more frequently, I noticed that he was becoming tender on rocks and gravel. I wanted to keep him barefoot, if at all possible, so I started researching my options. I quickly found that not all hoof boots are equal, but the Easyboot Trail fit the bill in every aspect – price, sizing, quality, and ease of use. Once Gabe started wearing the boots, I saw a noticeable improvement in his comfort on the trail – he moves out better and is more willing. The boots are easy to put on, and they STAY on! I don’t have to worry about deep, thick mud pulling them off his hooves. Best of all, Gabe is still barefoot and comfortable! Thanks, EasyCare!”