Congratulations to Janine Payne for winning our photo contest this week!

Janine submitted this photo of herself and her horse, Applejack, riding on Lone Butte overlooking Green Lake, British Columbia, Canada.

Applejack wears Size 3 Wide Easyboot Gloves on his front hooves, and Size 5 Old Mac’s G2s on his hind hooves.

Thank you for sharing this photo with us, Janine! We’re so glad that those two different styles of Easyboots work well on your horse!

You, too, can enter to win a 20% off coupon for any product on the EasyCare website just like Janine did! To be considered, please submit a photo of your horse(s) visibly wearing or using an EasyCare product, along with a brief description of the photo and why you chose EasyCare products. Please send photo submissions to: