Take a look at these great photos sent in by Marilyn Allatin from her Turkey Trot ride on November 7th. Marilyn’s horse, Spanky, sports the Easyboot Glove. Three of four horses wore Gloves and one was wearing the equally popular Easyboot Epic.

Turkey Trot 022

The ride is organized by the New England Arabian Trail Organization (NEATO), a riding club that is open to all breeds. Marilyn says “This is a wonderful club, great rides, well organized, friendly people not to mention great food.”

Turkey Trot 016

The ride is a 10 mile stretch through Natchaug Forest in Hampton, CT. It marked the last ride for the 2010 season. It was quite memorable as they had three inches of snow that night, but that did not create a challenge for them and their Protective Horse Boots from EasyCare.

Thank You Marilyn, happy holidays to you and yours!

Do you have a story you would like to share with us about your riding experiences using Hoof Care Products?

Marcie Mendoza