I love riding my horses in Colorado! The Rocky Mountains offer back country riding that literally lifts your mind and body. If you ride the Rockies, the challenge of the Colorado Trail will call to you. Nearly 500 miles from Denver to Durango, crossing the Continental Divide more than a few times, it has an average elevation of 10,000 ft.. With steep elevation changes, water crossings, rock, weather, and wildlife, this is a truly a challenge and an adventure!

CO Trail

This summer was the 2nd season my horses Smoke, Phlame, a good friend and I have traversed this amazing terrain. Summer 2010 saw us traveling over segments 6, 7, 8 and 9.The trail is divided into 28 of these. I use Gloves, on Smoke, and Original Easyboots on Phlame’s front feet. Both horses do really well in boots and can also go barefoot much of the time, but riding 3 or 4 days straight I choose to boot.

In the past I have had some rubbing with the gators on steep downhill sections with Smoke. I have found that a loose wrap of duct tape around his pastern solves this problem. I carry extra boots with me, as well as extra screws and a multi-tool. Over the two summers we have had to stop for one repair and one boot replacement of a 8 yr old easy boot that just finally wore through. I love it when backpackers step off the trail to let us pass and always comment on our horses hiking boots!

This summer on Segment 6 we climbed up to 11,880 ft. to cross the Continental Divide on Georgia Pass, riding across the treeline tundra with wonderful views of Mount Guyot. Segment 6 ends at the old mining, turned modern ski town of Breckenridge. Backcountry camping with the horses is such a great time, both horse and rider depend on one another, creating a bond that can never be broken. The next day when my Arab, Phlame trotted along the 10 mile range at 12,500 ft. over loose rock with breath taking drop-offs, never missing a stride, well I had tears of pride and joy, what an amazing day!

Name: Carol Crisp
City: Franktown, Colorado
Equine Discipline: Trail
Favorite Boot: Easyboot Glove