Every year I do a trail ride through the mountains and glens of Scotland with my arab gelding. My friend and I ride around 7 days staying over at farms and guest houses with room for the horses.

My horse wears his Gloves or Edges with occasionally an old pair of Easyboots on the hinds. They are great for the type of terrain we ride over as the tracks are very stony in places and I don’t have to worry about my horse getting bruised soles. I also take part in endurance rides where I usually just need gloves on the front. My horse has been barefoot now for 6 years and I would never go back to metal shoes. I have learned to trim his feet myself but get them checked several times a year by a professional trimmer.

Name: Carol Henderson
City: Kemnay
State: Aberdeenshire
Country: Scotland, UK
Equine Discipline: Trail
Favorite Boot: Easyboot Glove