Congratulations, Kristi! You won the photo contest this week!

Here’s what Kristi shared with us:

“My name is Hot Dam and I’m a rescue from the Bowie kill pen sales. My mom did a DNA test and found out that I am a Paso Fino, and my registered name is Penelope de Napoleon. I go by my endurance name of Hot Dam because that’s what I am. I am a hot, fiery mare with a big attitude.

My mom, Kristi, uses the Easyboot Back Country on the whole family. We used to wear steel shoes, but now we have a barefoot trimmer handling our pedis. She even let us all try on different “tennis shoes” to see if we liked one more than the other. My big brother, Cidney, liked his so much that he wouldn’t lift his feet so the shell could be taken off. Anyway, I am so happy with my new life and I know that I am Mom’s favorite.”

Thanks for sharing with us, Kristi! 

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