If you’re new to using Vettec gluing products, or any two component glues, there are a few things to keep in mind that will make your experience more successful. First off, what is a two component glue?

According to adhesives.org, “Two component adhesives are supplied as ‘resin’ and ‘hardener’ in separate containers. This packaging allows the components to remain separate for storage and also provides a means for dispensing mixed adhesive.

“The proper ratio of components is maintained by virtue of the design of the package and proper mixing is ensured by use of the mixing nozzle. The two components are only mixed together to form the adhesive a short time before application with cure occurring at room temperature.

“Since the reaction typically begins immediately upon mixing the two components, the viscosity of the mixed adhesive increases with time until the adhesive in the mixing tip becomes solid. When cured, two component adhesives are typically tough and rigid with good temperature and chemical resistance.”

With these properties in mind, when you open a new tube of glue, make sure you dispense a little onto a spare piece of cardboard or trash to make sure both components are mixing properly before you apply any glue to your EasyShoe or Easyboot.

Also keep the reaction time of the glue in mind. Exact timing will vary based on temperature and humidity, but you will likely only have a couple of minutes after you dispense your glue before the glue in the tip becomes solid. The more experienced you become using these glues, the fewer tips you’ll need to use. As a beginner, it is likely you will need a new tip for each individual shoe/boot.

Check out all of our gluing products on our website, and don’t forget a dispensing gun and mixing tips for the next time you plan to apply some EasyShoes or Easyboots!