I am thrilled to introduce myself as the newest member of EasyCare’s team of bloggers. I first met the Ford family when I was just getting into endurance riding (circa 1989) and Amy Ford was burning up the trails in the Southwest. (Who remembers the Search for the Devil Dog?) I’ve known Garrett Ford and the EasyCare Company since about 1997. I was associate editor at Horse Illustrated and he was advertising Easyboots in the magazine with the now-classic “Get an Easyboot or get a sense of humor” campaign. Although I watched the company grow over the years and always carried an Easyboot in my saddle pack, it wasn’t until about three years ago that I pulled the steel shoes off my horses for the last time.

I’ve been competing in endurance riding for 25 years now. The mileage I’ve logged in competition represents only a fraction of the time I’ve spent in the saddle just trail riding, which is my passion. And after almost three decades as an editor and writer for numerous publications, I now make wine for a living (a job with great perks!) and write for fun. My blog, “The Trailhead: Where All Great Adventures Begin,” will chronicle my adventures as well as those of others.

At the end of each blog you will find a Footnote. In the Footnote I will post updates on previous blogs. If you follow my chronicles and wonder “Whatever happened to _______?” this is where you will find your answer.