Candelita and Jaime Mansilla earned their place in the Guatemalan Team for the WEG 2010, on June 19th at the FEI 3*  Event in El Caman Chimaltenango, with Easyboot Bares as back up (as you can see in the picture).

We had three US FEI Officials attending the event, Dr. Mike Tomlinson, Teresa Cross and Sue Phillips helping us as Foreign Officials. And our own FEI 4* Judge Scarlet de Rodas was on location, who has participated in several FEI rides in the US, including the Git R Done in California last January.

Candelita has been shod her entire career she is now nine years old and has done endurance for four years. But we at Haras EL Pino Endurance have started experimenting with natural hoof care for about eight months with the broodmare band and non-competition horses. We were so impressed with the results that were now at the stage of trying it on our competition horses.

So we contacted EasyCare and they have been instrumental in the transition, and have helped our team with huge amount of knowledge and incredible support. We especially enjoyed the webinars which have helped us make the transition a lot easier than we expected. Thank You guys!

Candelita is now two weeks into her transition and doing great! She was naturally tender at the first stages but our Easyboot Bares have helped us to keep her in training schedule.

We received our new Gloves and Glue-Ons today and will be trying them on the supervised training session of the WEG squad next weekend. Perhaps we can turn more riders here to the bright side of the hoof!

She worked bare today in the arena and her stride has improved a lot. We really are very happy and excited about this new adventure. We are convinced that going bare is a healthier way to go and believe that boots really help in protecting the hoof and improving the biomechanics of the horse.

El Pino Endurance Team: Jaime Mansilla, Juan Briz, Sandra González, Primo González.

We hope to post next week after the Supervised Training with the team. See you in Kentucky!

Submitted by Juan Briz, Candelita’s Trainer & Trimmer


  1. Congratulations!! I think going bare is really the best choice not only for the horse but also for the rider. Because it sets aside any steel shoe trouble that may occur during a race or training. So kudos for Candelita’s trainer and trimmer, Juan Briz and the entire El Pino Endurance Team Jaime Mansilla, Sandra González and last but never least Primo González. Keep up the god work!