The original remote-control devise was a brilliant notion: suspend a metal bar in the horse’s mouth and use the rigid mouthpiece, via some reins, to control the horse’s speed and direction. Brilliant, yes, but far from flawless.

For the 6,000 years or so that man has been opening mouth and inserting bit, horses have not always responded with compliance. Their objections are understandable, considering that the wrong bit in the wrong mouth or in the wrong hands do inflict pain on a very sensitive part of the anatomy. Bitless bridles, which have equally ancient roots, provide an alternative means of influencing the speed and direction of horses without risking oral pain and the resistance that arise from it.

Horses with mouth injuries or deformed facial structure, horses with tooth damage can make comfortable bit fit next to impossible. Horses who have never really learned to carry and respond to a bit can be reformed with the help of bit-less work. Frightened horses with bad experiences related to bits may forget their bridle resistance when different headgear is used.

Husband and wife team, Gerry Guy and Zoe Brooks own Nurtural Horse and have designed and patented the Nurtural Bitless Bridle at their farm in Ontario Canada. It was Hazel, a Canadian mare, that inspired the Nurtural Bitless Bridle. She would willingly do anything in a halter, but the moment the reins were picked up, her whole personality changed. They realized that the horse didn’t need a bit and they were determined not to ride with one.

The Bitless Bridle by Dr. Robert Cook started this quiet revolution that is taking place that transforms the art and science of horsemanship. The website says, "The Bitless Bridle provides a humane alternative to the Bronze Age technology of the bit. Unlike the bit, no pain is inflicted." It goes on to say, "Your horse is free from fear, listens more attentively, breathes more freely and moves more gracefully. With a calm, less spooky horse, communication is enhanced, trust established, performance improved and harmony achieved. Riding and driving becomes simpler, safer and more satisfying – both you and your horse can relax and enjoy yourselves."

As I read on about Dr. Cook’s Bitless Bridle, I came upon a familiar face. If you’ve followed our blogs, you have read many times about Dr. Tomas Teskey and his thoughts on natural hoof trimming, barefoot trimming, natural hoof care, protective horse boots and natural horse products in general. And here he is – providing a testimonial for Dr. Cook. 

"I haven’t and won’t use any sort of bit in a horse’s mouth since I became familiar with your research, and my horses work better and happier and safer in the bitless bridle than they ever did in a snaffle, curb or spoon. Choosing to ride bitless is just one more good decision a horseperson can make – there’s no good reason to use a bit in a horse’s mouth, only excuses born from misundertanding the horse. Natural horsemanship techniques go hand in had with bitless systems – asking instead of telling and forcing a horse to perform won’t ever fail the respectful horseperson in the long run."

Dee Hoime


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