I have made the incredibly hard decision to move back home and leave Easycare Inc. These last two working weeks have made me reflect on this last year and what I have learned and experienced working with Easyboots!

Removing my first Glue On in Durango
Removing my first Glue On boot in Durango Colorado


Just 2 months out of college, I packed up all my stuff and moved to beautifull Durango Co last August where I was to start my journey. My horse Abe had shoes on all four hooves and I was eager to pull them and learn about hoof boots. I had seen Easyboots at endurance rides but had never used them myself. In Durango I learned about all the different models and helped Garrett condition his horses for endurance rides. I also got to compete at quite a few races and see the boots in action.

Riding a booted horse at the Bryce Canyon XP Ride
Testing boots at an endurance ride in beautiful Bryce Canyon


A month later I was sent to Global Endurance in Moab Utah, where I helped Christoph Schork and Dian Woodward condition their many horses for endurance rides. Both Christoph and Dian use the Easyboot Glove and Glue Ons, and I had the privilege of seeing first hand how they condition their horses to become some of the top endurance horses in the country.

Training ride in Moab UT with Dian and Christoph
One of the many training rides in Moab with Dian and Christoph

After a little over a month I traveled back to my final destination of Tucson AZ where I started working in the office and where I got to see and help out behind the scenes of Easycare. I met some very dedicated people who are very passionate about barefoot horses and the comfort that Easyboots can give them.

In Tucson I also got to help out with conditioning Garrett’s horses and started helping customers at rides. I used the boots almost everyday and really got a feel for them. I saw the changes in my own horse and really made a commitment to keeping my horse barefoot. In the past I’ve told people that if I left my job tomorrow I would continue to keep my horse barefoot and use Easyboots and I plan to stand by that.

Glueing boots on at an Endurance Race
Debbie and I glue boots on at the Lost Padres ride.

You have to realize that when you talk to someone from Easycare that they are more then just sales people, they have barefoot horses too and they have witnessed the same changes that I have in my horse. They really want these boots to work for you and will do whatever they can to try and make the process as easy as possible.

I will continue to attend endurance rides and use boots on my horse. I really believe in what I’ve learned here at Easycare and if you see me at a ride and have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! My favorite part was helping at the races and I hope to keep a little part of that always.

I somehow managed to glue a mallet to myself at a ride!
Somehow gluing a mallet to myself in the dark!

To everyone at Easycare and all the people I have met along the way; thank you for making this past year an absolute blast! The memories and experience I have gained is priceless and I will miss working with you everyday!

See you out on the trail!


Miriam Rezine