This week’s photo comes from Tevis 2010. For those not familiar with Tevis, it is also known as the Western States Trail Ride, and is rated by Time magazine as one of the top ten endurance competitions in the world. Its 100 mile course is rugged and challenging to even the fittest horse-human teams.

At Tevis 2010 the barefoot horse and Easyboots made history. Garrett Ford guided his horse The Fury to a top 10 finish and, even more impressively, The Fury won the Haggin Cup for best condition. This was the first time in history dating back to 1954 that a horse wearing hoof boots has won the coveted Haggin Cup.


EasyCare Marketing Director Kevin Myers at Tevis 2010

EasyCare marketing director Kevin Myers attending to a horse at a vet check and sporting one of our iBoot T-Shirts.